Polonia Title Agency provides a wide range of insurance, title searches and Mortgage Closing Escrow Services. We serve attorneys, lenders, mortgage brokers, builders, realtors, developers, investors and home buyers.

We offer our clients personalized service, industry expertise, and customized solutions for virtually any type of real estate transaction. At your convenience you can close in our offices or we’ll bring the closing to you wherever you are, at no additional cost.

Our Services Include:

Title Insurance

  • Owner’s Policies
  • Lender’s Policies
  • Leasehold Policies
  • Condominium and Co-op Unit Policies
  • Title Searches
  • Survey and Inspection Services
  • Loan Document Preparation
  • Title and Document Review
  • Closing and Escrow Services
  • Recording Services

Foreclosure Services

  • Mortgage Foreclosure Searches
  • Mortgage Foreclosure Certificates
  • Tax Lien Foreclosure Searches
  • Mechanic’s Lien Foreclosure Searches

Additional Searches and Services

  • Covenant Restriction and Easement Searches
  • Full and Short Period Title Searches
  • Historical Searches
  • Judgment and Lien Searches
  • Mortgage Searches
  • Municipal Searches
  • Partition Searches
  • Real Estate Tax Searches
  • Surrogates Court Searches
  • UCC Searches
  • Abandonment Certificates
  • Business Certificates (Filing and Retrieval)
  • Condemnation Certificates
  • Tax Redemption Certificates
  • §1031 Exchanges.

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